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Langone, Who Cozied Up Late To Trump, “Disgusted” By Romney Cozying Up To Trump

Maybe he's just jealous of Mitt's invitation to Dinners With Donald.
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Once upon a time, Home Depot co-founder Kenneth Langone hoped for Republican but Trump – first Chris Christie, later John Kasich. It was only in May of the campaign season that Langone fell in behind Trump, and even then his support was tepid. Langone cried foul of the Donald's more incendiary comments, and noticeably abstained from a fundraiser in June. In the end he opened his heart, but not his wallet, to Trump.

After the election, however, Langone seems to have grown fonder of the president-elect. “We’re going to have some reality,” he said at a post-election gala. “The little people delivered the day.”

But the billionaire has no patience for others whose support of Trump might have evolved. Case in point: Mitt Romney, who recently went from calling Trump a “phony” and a “fraud” to munching on frog legs and chocolate cake with the incoming president.

“Romney disgusts me,” Langone told CNBC's “Squawk Box” on Friday. “What he did in the last two weeks he ought to be ashamed. Where's the self-respect?”

“The horrible things you said about this man [Trump] and now you're willing to go to work [for him]?” asked Langone, who said he had once “loved” Romney, raising “a lot of money” for the former Massachusetts governor's White House bid.

'Romney disgusts me' for the way he's now cozying up to Trump, billionaire Ken Langone says [CNBC]


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