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Larry Kudlow Will Soon Be Doing His Moaning About Taxes In The White House

Kudzilla is going back to the West Wing.

When President Trump looks around the Oval Office at the beginning of Economic Council meetings, he's going to have a familiar voice at the fore, nasally reminding him about the magic of lower taxes:


President-elect Donald Trump plans to appoint CNBC business commentator Larry Kudlow to chair the White House Council of Economic Advisers, a Trump adviser said Thursday.
Conservative economist Stephen Moore, who advised Trump’s presidential campaign on economic policy, disclosed Kudlow’s appointment to the influential post during a lunchtime speech to the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce’s economic club.

That's right, Jim Cramer's former TV sidekick has got himself another White House gig!

If you remember - and Kudzilla is fond of reminding - Larry worked in the Reagan White House as a senior economic staffer before he went joined Bear Stearns as chief economist and then became the proto-Joe Kernen on TV.

And now he's back! Kudlow will be in charge of prepping Trump on economic data and trying to get him to remember the Laffer Curve isn't about how funny your tweets are. He'll also be the guy who incoming top White House economist Gary Cohn refers to when Trump decides he wants to eliminate corporate taxes altogether and Cohn asks "Did he put that in a report?"

But according to one Trump campaign insider, Kudlow has already put his foot down on one major thing:

Moore and Kudlow worked for the Trump campaign as senior economic advisers, helping the New York businessman craft his tax and fiscal policies. During the primaries, Kudlow lavishly praised Trump’s tax cut plan.
But the two conservative economists had one central disagreement with Trump over trade, Moore said.
“Larry said, ‘Donald, we can’t work for you. We believe in free trade and you’re more of a protectionist,’ ” he recalled. “And he said, ‘Look, I’m not a protectionist, and I want a change in the trade laws, but I’m not a protectionist.’ ”

Intriguing subplot.

But while Kudlow might have to harden his position on trade to fit into the new administration, there is one thing we know he won't budge on: There will be no bro-hugging in any White House with Larry Kudlow around.

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