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Trump To Meet With Tech Titans, Threatening Midtown Manhattan With Potential Nuclear Ego Event

We're not saying this is a trap, but we're definitely not saying it isn't.

It appears that all the money being spent by New York City to secure Trump Tower might be a total waste because the building is almost destined to implode tomorrow afternoon when our President-Elect gets into a room with a handful of Silicon Valley titans and Midtown NYC witnesses the first-ever example of a physical building imploding from the sheer force of massive egos coming into opposition in a tight space.


Considering that much of Trump Tower is already powered by the kinetic energy of PEOTUS' potent self-regard, there is a real chance that the group coming in to see him on Tuesday could literally melt steel beams. Take a look at the lineup:

Expected attendees for the Wednesday summit include Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook, Facebook Inc. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella, Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla Motors Inc. CEO Elon Musk, and both the CEO and chairman of Google parent Alphabet Inc.,Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, people familiar with the plans said. The CEOs of Intel Corp., International Business Machines Corp., Oracle Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc. also are expected to attend, the people said.

The only thing making us hopeful that disaster might be averted is that Oracle had the good sense to send someone who isn't Larry Ellison. That said, the combustive proposition of having Trump sitting across from Sandberg, Cook, Musk and Bezos is terrifying. If Sergey and Larry are the shrinking violets at a conference table, you can be stone certain that - as Marissa Mayer would put it - shit is 'bout to go off!

When the most powerful, wealthy and aggressive faces in the tech community - people who have become totally unacquainted with interactions not involving being brown-nosed with constant acclimation - sit down across from the most self-enraptured person ever to take the office of President, the tension will be thicker than Jack Dorsey's fury at not being invited. But when you factor in that Trump has been antagonistic towards the tech economy in a manner befitting a septuagenarian who doesn't use a computer, is resistant to any new ideas that aren't his own, and resents the notion of anyone accumulating more wealth than him, the meeting is almost certain to be doomsday-level flammable.

And oh yeah, the whole Peter Thiel dynamic will be in play as well, so...yeah...this is gonna be good.

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