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President Trump Manages To Find Another Billionaire, Wall Street Guy To Add To Administration

Virtu's Vincent Viola will be Trump's Secretary of the Army.
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The Florida Panthers were the third-best team in hockey last season. Through a third of this season, they’re the 20th best. They’re not even the best team in Florida. That makes them, in the words of our own Jesse Spector, an “immense disappointment.” Since “immense disappointment” is the best-case scenario for the Trump administration, of course the Panthers’ owner has a place in it.


Vincent Viola, co-founder of high-frequency trading firm Virtu Financial Inc., will be nominated by president-elect Donald Trump as Secretary of the Army….

Using $10,000 culled from his Army pay, family and friends, he bought a seat on the Nymex, where he started with gasoline futures and developed a reputation as a brash and aggressive trader. He made millions of dollars betting on oil prices before and after the first Gulf war, among other wins.

Viola has other qualities making him a perfect fit for the president-elect. He’s both a billionaire and a WallStreet guy, ensuring those two groups will not go underrepresented in the upper echelons of American power. What’s more, as a paragon of a controversial and misunderstood financial services business, he’s exactly the kind of person the average Trump voter envisioned draining the Washington swamp. And he and his new boss practice a similar leadership strategy.

Viola and the Panthers believe in a different leadership structure than we are used to. We expect: this person on top, then this person, then this one and so on. Vice-Chairman Doug Cifu described it as similar to his financial company, “a big box,” with Viola on top, then him, then everyone else kind of thrown in.

Donald Trump Selects Trading Firm Founder Vincent Viola as Army Secretary [WSJ]


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