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President Trump Fixes Economy, Gives Political Stooge Janet Yellen No Choice But To Raise Rates

This whole President schtick is a walk in the park.
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He’s not exactly president yet, but in less than a month as president-elect Donald Trump has already saved 800 jobs in Indiana, at the low, low cost of $7 million and 1,300 other jobs shipped to Mexico before that wall goes up, and driven unemployment down to a lower level than President Obama was ever able to manage, at least before he was working under President-Elect Trump. That, combined with the fact that she doesn’t need to keep rates artificially low to help loser Killary means that the Fed doesn’t even really need to meet in a week and a half.

Employers added 178,000 jobs in November, right around expectations. But the unemployment rate dropped to 4.6%—its lowest level in nine years—as the labor market has tightened….

The report almost certainly seals an increase in short-term interest rates when the Fed meets Dec. 13-14.

U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 178,000 in November; Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.6% [WSJ]
Analysis: ‘High Pressure’ Jobs Report Locks In Rate Increase [WSJ]



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