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Famously Cocksure Local Hedge Fund Manager Gives Reticence A Shot

Where did Billy Acks park his money this time?
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Over the last couple of years, Bill Ackman has learned a few things. Done a bit of soul-searching. And in desperate need of a change in luck, he’s decided to change a few things, like the view from his window. Oh, and the part where he puts out a press release and calls CNBC every time he makes a new investment.


Ackman's $10.9 billion hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management made two bets in recent months where the firm committed more than 10 percent of its capital, but it has not revealed the names of those investments.

What’s more, unlike Herbalife, Target, Valeant, JCPenney, Chipotle, et. al., the new tight-lipped approach appears to be working.

The first new investment, where Pershing Square put 4 percent of its capital to work, presented itself late last year and has already earned the firm a roughly 22 percent return on its average cost, the update said.

That, of course, doesn’t mean there can’t or shouldn’t be wild speculation about which C-suite is getting a little more Ack face time than it would probably like. The stupendously named Aurelien Winderberger thinks investment number one might be a French holding company called Bollore. We’re tickled by the possibility that the roughly $980 million he dropped on investment number two, about which he provided no information at all, is about what it would cost to buy all of the shares of Icahn Enterprises not owned by one Carl C. Icahn.

So where has a billion and a half of Pershing Square’s dollars gone? We’re counting on you to help us figure it out.

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