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Bonus Watch '17: Deutsche Bankers Fearing That Their Bonuses Were Dealt Away In DoJ Deal

Rumors has it things are still shaky at Deutsche.

Deustche Bank has been uncharacteristically sanguine about 2017. There are maybe even some who believe that John Cryan might smile at some point in this calendar year. Unfortunately there are some other rumors.


As you might remember, Deutsche finally dispersed the black regulatory cloud over its head by agreeing to a $7.2 billion fine and enter 2017 with a fresh start and a President who owes it a lot of money. But according to some whispers around the bank, that deal might have had one caveat.

From a UK-based tipster:

Very strong rumour that The DoJ accepted the %7b DB settlement on the condition DB pay no bonuses this year. There will be a 5yr retention package for some MDs only so goes the rumour.

Maybe Cryan should hold up on that smile.

Hit us up if you're hearing anything like this,



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