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What Good Is Davos If The Mooch Can't (Allegedly) Violate Russian Sanctions There?

Anthony Scaramucci's Swiss miss.
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Anthony Scaramucci has waited a long time for respect and he'll be damned if he's going to piss it away now. From Goldman Sachs to Goldman Sachs to SkyBridge to the Trump administration, the hedge-fund hawker and Fox Business personality has finally proved all the haters wrong. Now he's drifting around Davos like a prince, schmoozing with world leaders eager to get the ear of a guy who has the ear of a guy who has the ear of soon-to-be President Donald Trump.


It would be an awful shame if a tiny little violation of U.S.-Russia sanctions on the sidelines of Davos ended up raining on his inaugural parade. But thanks to a couple of pesky Democratic senators, a meeting he conducted this week might end up becoming, like the Mooch himself, kind of a big deal. From Business Insider:

During a confirmation hearing for Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin, Sen. Ben Cardin said that he would push for an investigation into President-elect Donald Trump's adviser Anthony Scaramucci for possible violations of sanctions against Russia.

Cardin told Mnuchin that he plans to send a letter from Sen. Mark Warner and himself to the Treasury asking for an investigation into Scaramucci and his fund.

As Bloomberg reported earlier this week, Scaramucci took a meeting Monday with Kirill Dmitriev, head of the $10-billion Russian Direct Investment Fund. The only problem with that – other than the questionable optics of a Trump cabinet nominee meeting with a powerful Russian businessman in the midst of a five-agency investigation into Trump's connections with Moscow – is that the investment fund has been off-limits due to U.S. sanctions since 2015.

Scaramucci confirmed the meeting to Bloomberg, noting that he had worked with Dmitriev and had known him “a long time” in his private life. “What I said to him last night in my capacity inside the administration, I would certainly reach out to some people to help him,” Scaramucci said.

Regarding his own role in the Trump administration, Scaramucci explained, “The idea was, many months ago, to have more outreach with Russia, but also other countries.”

It's unclear whether Scaramucci was aware of possibly stepping afoul of U.S. sanctions against the country currently being investigated for helping his new boss get elected. “I've got to obviously check with you know ... they give you this big thick government ethics book,” he told Bloomberg. “You've got to go through everything to make sure you do everything appropriately.”

You sure do.



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