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Goldman's New CIO Is Pretty Much Impervious To Snark

Elisha Wiesel seems like a pretty decent guy all things considered.
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Screenshot courtesy Shmuley Boteach, Youtube

Screenshot courtesy Shmuley Boteach, Youtube

When Marty Chavez was chief information officer at Goldman Sachs, he drew attention for challenging the bank's “button-down culture.” Gay and Latino, Chavez broke out of the Goldman mold. Now, to fill Chavez's shoes as he moves up the corporate ladder, the bank has promoted someone similarly rare for a Goldmanite: a guy you can't really make any fun of.

Goldman named Elisha Wiesel as its new CIO Monday. The 22-year Goldman veteran is the son that Wiesel, author Elie Wiesel, the widely beloved chronicler of the indomitable human spirit who passed away last year at the age of 87.

Wiesel the younger pursued a more left-brained vocation than his father, coming to Goldman in 1994 through his fascination with coding. Though he keeps a rather low profile, he has retained his dad's commitment to charity. Wiesel regularly organizes a massive scavenger hunt for Wall Street's dorkiest, an event that has raised millions of dollars for non-profits. From Bloomberg:

Elisha Wiesel […] is a prime mover behind Midnight Madness. He donates operating funds for the event through the Goldman Sachs Gives program, which reserves a portion of partner compensation for charitable allocations.

Wiesel […] got hooked on an earlier version of the event, which was held for fun from 1996 to 2006 and was inspired by the goofy 1980s movie "Midnight Madness" about an all-night scavenger hunt. He revived the idea in 2012 for charity.

The only question is whether Wiesel can follow predecessor and mentor Chavez in the merciless campaign of automation and cost-cutting that the latter undertook in the role. Godspeed, Elisha.