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No Points For Guessing Who Topped The 2016 M&A League Tables

This is Lloyd Blankfein's favorite game...that isn't Russian Roulette.
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Crystal ball image courtesy George Hodan

Crystal ball image courtesy George Hodan

Years end, and new ones begin. People die while others are born. Independent ethics committees also die, and are reborn. Presidents change. Formerly admired banks are brought low. Companies buy one another and merge. Time marches on. And then Government Sachswins.

The investment bank is poised to top the global merger-and-acquisition league tables for the sixth consecutive year….

The U.S. accounted for $714.8 billion of that tally, where Goldman also topped the list….

It’s notable that Goldman topped the list even without advising either party on the year’s biggest deal, AT&T acquisition of Time Warner in October. That mega-merger briefly reordered the league tables at the time.

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