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Google Is Going To War With The U.S. Government Over A Measly $1.2 Million Contract

Search giant allegedly having trouble finding some routine internal documents.
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Google, a $560 billion corporation that provides digital access to virtually all of humanity's accumulated knowledge, is being sued by the feds for failing to produce a few routine documents related to a minor government contract.

The lawsuit, filed by the Labor Department Wednesday, alleges that Google has refused to hand over information ensuring the company is following equal opportunity guidelines in its execution of a $1.2 million contract to place ads for the government.

Google has been allegedly stonewalling since the Labor Department made a routine audit request in June, 2016, for information on employee compensation, job histories, contacts and the like. Every company that accepts contracts with the government have to provide such documents. Failure to do so now, the lawsuit says, could cost Google its federal deals of roughly $500,000 annually.

It remains a mystery why a company that pulls in around $80 billion in annual revenue has gone to war over a routine government request. Is there something Google doesn't want the feds to learn? Is the leading tech company of our age unable to pull together a quick spreadsheet? Or is the U.S. government's contract just too small to bother?



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