If You’re Going To Drink Alone, Do It Right

In Trump's America, drink like a MAN!

There are plenty of reasons we go to bars instead of drinking alone in the dark by ourselves, but mainly it’s because draft beer is fizzier and more delightful. Thanks to technology, however, you don’t have to interact with other humans anymore to enjoy a fresh ale. Meet the Fizzics Waytap. You stick in a bottle or can and out comes a perfect pour. The promotional material is paints an image of you using this thing on a sunny day with all your well-dressed friends, but let’s be honest here: You probably just want to toss back a few late-night drafts all by your lonesome. And that’s OK.




Real Talk: Whiskey

Drinking whiskey out of a hand-blown decanter with a ship inside? Now that's something you should start getting used to pronto.