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Jack Ma And Donald Trump Will Work Together On American Job Creation Until Latter Figures Out Nationality Of Former

It took meeting just one Chinese billionaire for The Donald to change some of his mind about China.

Perhaps the two most frank, thought-out and nuanced policies being advocated by the Trump Administration are "Jobs=Good!" and "China=Bad!"


So it was pretty intriguing to see this earlier today:

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump had a "great meeting" with Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma on Monday, when they were scheduled to discuss plans to create 1 million new U.S. jobs over the next five years. 

Wha? Wha? Wha?

"Jack and I are going to do some great things," Trump said from Trump Tower in New York City.
"We're focused on small business," Ma told reporters.

That's right, Jack "Mr. Main Street" Ma and El Donald are buddies now, and they are going to push America past full employment...together. But how does the CEO of the largest e-commerce company help create American jobs when his company is based in China and the incoming administration does not seem terribly keen on "Gyna" and its nasty habit of currency manipulation/bad deals.

Ma did not confirm a specific number of jobs to reporters after the meeting, but said that he would go through the small business community to focus on agriculture products, especially in the Midwest.

So after months and months of getting to think we know what matters to the president-elect, this is what we're looking at; Trump is going to partner with a Chinese tech entrepreneur to create agriculture jobs in the Midwest.

How this affects Trump's nascent trade policy towards China is as up for grabs as anything else in this transition, but it does now seem clear that any group or nation looking to change President The Donald's mind about them need just send their most agreeable billionaire to meet with the new leader of the free world and convince him that they are there to help.

"We also think that the China and USA relationship should be strengthened — should be more friendly," Ma said. "The door is open for discussing the relationship and trade issues. I think the president-elect is very smart, he's very open-minded to listen. I told him my ideas about how to improve trade, especially to improve small business, cross border trade."


Now if Trump could just get the government's hands on the tax revenue from those Alibbab shares Yahoo is still holding on to...

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