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Jose Cuervo Prices The First F@ck You IPO In American Financial History

"Cute wall. We'll take our $700 million now."

In what might end up being the biggest IPO of the Trump Administration so far when its ticker symbol goes live, Jose Cuervo is looking at the North American political landscape and eschewing limes for straight salt.


Mexican tequila giant Jose Cuervo will offer 476.6 million shares, priced at between 30-34 pesos per share, in its long-delayed Feb. 8 initial public offering, according to an investor presentation seen by Reuters on Wednesday.
Jose Cuervo, the world's biggest tequila maker, will raise $706.5 million at the middle of the share price range, according to the presentation.

Reportedly, some analysts are already giving Jose Cuervo's IPO timing an Extra Añejo-rating of irony.

Exclusive: Mexico's Jose Cuervo prices February 8 IPO at up to 34 pesos/share [Reuters]



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