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Lock Up Your DIBOR Submitters!

Guinness plus Barclays equals shenanigans.
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Mind the Dublin Interbank Offered Rate, because Barclays is coming to town.


Barclays Plc has settled on Dublin for its main hub inside the European Union after Brexit and is planning to add about 150 staff there if U.K.-based finance companies lose easy access to the trading bloc, according to people with knowledge of the decision….

Barclays staff moved to or hired in Dublin could include senior managers, derivatives specialists, currency traders, compliance and human resources staff, one of the people said.

Barclays Picks Dublin as Post-Brexit EU Headquarters [Bloomberg]



JPMorgan Chasers Dreaming Of Paris Or Rome Are Getting Frankfurt Or Dublin

And, for those lucky treasury services employees, the Grand Duchy!

By World Economic Forum [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

London: Lock Up Your Libor-Setters

Bob Diamond is back in town!


Banks Will Be Fine With A Hard Brexit

Everyone else might be screwed, but even Barclays will survive.


Brian Moynihan Choosing Dublin As BofA's Post-Brexit Home Because Who Doesn't Love A Cliché

It has fewer Irish people than Boston, but BriMo is gonna love it.

(Getty Images for Yahoo Finance)

Jes Staley High On Investment Banking, Low On General Future Of Britain

This is problematic, given that he runs a British bank.


Bank Of America Sees Rebound Relationship Potential In Dublin

Brexit may not be a divorce, exactly, but Ireland is definitely getting sloppy seconds.

By Pilgab (Own work (own picture)) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Banks Hear Dublin Is Lovely This Time Of Year

If they can convince employees that Gaelic is so hot right now.

deutsche bank

Layoffs Watch ’21: Deutsche Bank

Even after 18,000 job cuts, the Germans think they look a bit flabby.