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Trump's Chief Trade Economist Bravely Reminds Us That Citigroup Is A Fake Front For Commie Libtard Policy Agenda

Peter Navarro is not a dangerous quack who should be kept away from American trade and tax policy.

Peter Navarro is one of the few actual economists in the Trump Administration, and by far the most powerful.


As an economist, Navarro is trained in the academic rigor of looking at data, sussing out its deeper meaning and implications, then communicating those findings in a way that benefits future monetary policy. Some would even argue that economics is a social science, inherently devoid of any political orthodoxy.

But those people would probably not understand Peter Navarro's brand of economics.

See, Peter Navarro engages in an economics of belief. He doesn't need data or facts to know that President Trump's nascent policy of creating a border adjustment tax would be great for everyone and have no negative impact on American retailers. And he would prefer that other so-called "economists" just shut the fuck up with their worthless, data-driven theories that retailers who make goods outside the US (ie, almost of all of them) would be damaged by paying a tax on bringing in those goods to sell inside the fifty states. Just like Peter Navarro knows that China is a cartoonishly evil global economic force without a massive population key to US business growth, and that rain in the rainforests means that people should buy coffee, he knows that the border adjustment tax is great. End of story.

And he most certainly doesn't need free-trade egghead libtards crunching numbers and lying to the contrary.

So it was pretty dumb of CNBC anchor Melissa Lee to cite the findings of some notoriously leftist organizations whilst interviewing Navarro live on-air earlier this afternoon.

That's right Snowflakes, Citigroup is once again pushing it's Marxist crusade to warn paying clients about policies that it pretends are bad. And Navarro was being polite to not mention that those cucks over at Goldman Sachs have been basically running a goddamn kibbutz in Lower Manhattan for decades.

And man alive are we lucky to have a genius like Navarro around to point out that large banks are just shills for the lame-stream media that has covered it so generously and without any criticism. We here at Dealbreaker are sick of the free rides those Occupy-types over at Citi have gotten for years now. It's high time we all recognize that they are publishing those reports to influence a public that literally cannot afford to read them.

So kudos to American finance hero Peter Navarro. We're lucky to have him doing a shitty impression of "Good Will Hunting" live on the White House lawn while serious adults try to warn his new boss that the guy who couldn't get a faculty position at somewhere better than UC Irvine is pushing an agenda that could have a real negative impact on retail sector employment.

So enjoy your weekend, Wall Street, and don't you dare to say a hearty "Go fuck yourself, you loon" to good old Peter Navarro.



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