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SALT 2017 Lineup To Boast Sexpots Ben Bernanke And Sam Zell Alongside Featured Speakers Jewel And Megyn Kelly

The Mooch is going out strong.

This might be The Mooch's SALT swan song, so homeboy is stacking the deck and giving attendees one of the weirdest groups he's ever assembled at that great hedge fund conclave in the desert.

According to SALTs website, this years shindig will be held from May 16th-19th at the Bellagio and include yet another roster of speakers that makes SALT both an intriguing place to discuss asset management and/or the world's strangest orgy guest list.

Take a look at this year's featured speaker list so far:



We can already see Bill Ackman making his triumphant(?) return to SALT only to be cattily dissed by Gundlach while Jerry Jones talks too loud in that Yosemite Sam voice and Megyn Kelly studiously avoids being interviewed by David Rubenstein. Meanwhile Sam Zell stares at Jewel with a look that is not creepy at all as she reads her new poem "2 & 20 Ways To Love A Woman." David Cameron is drunkenly explaining how he let Brexit happen to a bemused Ben Bernanke and Marc Lasry wonders how he ever got roped into this thing.

And to top it all of, The Mooch will be strutting around the place doing Sorkin-esque "walk and talks" to show everyone how acclimated he is to his new West Wing dream job.

Vegas, baby. Vegas!



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