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On Second Thought, Anthony Scaramucci Happy To Get Out From Under Millstone That Is The Fund Of Hedge Funds Industry

Is Mr. the Mooch going to Washington?
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Shortly after the biggest bet of his career paid off and Donald Trump was president-elect, Anthony Scaramucci said that much as he’d like to “tangentially” offer his services to the Dear Leader, it would be hard leaving Skybridge Capital. After all, he said, he loves the place as much as he loves his “local bodega.”


Still, the Mooch added, it would be hard saying “no” to the president. Luckily for him, he hasn’t had to yet: In spite of his (relatively) early and vocal support, not to say mirroring, of his conquering hero, the expected job offer hasn’t come: He’s not going to be Treasury secretary, SEC chairman or First Commissar for Regulatory Bonfires, even if he is assuring friends that he “has a job if he wants it.” And, it turns out, he does, because he wasn’t lying when he said asking him to leave Skybridge would be like asking him to leave his local bodega. In other words: not that big an ask.

“Scaramucci has been talking about selling SkyBridge for a while. The business sucks,” said my source. “He wants to get about $200 million.”

Plus, it’s only going to get worse in April, when the new fiduciary rule—which Scaramucci has very mildly compared to denying African Americans citizenship—comes into effect. And Scaramucci won’t even get to gut that, because President Trump made a fry cook labor secretary. So what’s it going to be? CFTC? Battling it out with Jose Canseco for Fed chair? Assistant undersecretary for steak? The Mooch is playing coy, but whatever it is, it’s gonna be big.

“There are three other jobs Anthony could get — high-level staff positions,” said the friend.

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