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The Mooch’s Last Laugh

Scaramucci sells SkyBridge with a mic drop flourish.
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Like his new boss, Anthony Scaramucci has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He even wrote a whole book about it. He’s set to take up his new gig in D.C. in just a couple of days, giving him a chance for one more private-sector hustle: Unloading a business that sucks onto some prominent members of President Trump’s enemies list.


Anthony Scaramucci, a loyal Trump surrogate known as “The Mooch,” is selling his controlling stake in SkyBridge Capital—which manages roughly $12 billion—to Chinese conglomerate HNA Group and investment partner RON Transatlantic EG in a deal that values SkyBridge at around $200 million, according to people familiar with the situation.

RON’s executive team includes partner and vice president Reggie Love, Obama’s personal aide during his time in the Senate and the White House.

Selling your failingbad troubled fund-of-funds to Gyna and a guy affiliated with both Obama and Duke basketball? You're an artist, Mooch.

Trump Aide Sells China an Entree to Wall Street Hedge Funds [WSJ]
Trump Adviser Sells Hedge Fund to Former Obama Aide [Washington Free Beacon]



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