Trump Floats 20 Percent Mexico Border Tax To Celebrate Jose Cuervo IPO

Let's dispel with the fiction that Sean Spicer knows what he's doing.

Someone in the Trump administration must have misheard “take a shot of Jose Cuervo” as “take a shot AT Jose Cuervo.” Just a day after news broke that the tequila maker's previously postponed initial public offering had been set for February 8 – perhaps the first fuck-you IPO in American history – White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters that a 20 percent border tax on goods from Mexico would pay for the border wall.


That policy might send the price of Jose Cuervo Especial Gold up, but it would not be positive for the distiller's $700 million IPO price.

Of course, this being the Trump administration, and Sean Spicer being Sean Spicer, the proposal was quickly walked back as merely a suggestion of one of the many paths that U.S. might take to get Mexico to pay for that fucken wall.

For the bankers working on the deal at Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan and Banco Santander, today is a completely appropriate day to get high on your own supply. Don't forget the Mexican limes.