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Time To Call The Top On Trump-Tweet Bots

When an advertising agency's publicity stunt crowds your trade, it's time to pick a new one.
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Even before the election, there had to be quants out there whipping up algorithms that trade on Trump tweets. By the time the financial press got around to writingstories about the profit potential in the president-elect's market-moving missives, the topic was already old hat for any self-respecting Wall Street trader. And now, with the announcement of a Trump-Tweet bot that donates its proceeds to animals and exists solely as a marketing gimmick, we can officially call the bot top.


On Friday, branding agency T3 publicized what it called the Trump & Dump Bot. What does it do? “ANALYZES TWEETS. SHORTS STOCKS. SAVES PUPPIES,” The company reportedly created the bot after a Slack conversation and it operates exactly how you'd expect: Scan Trump tweets, detect publicly traded companies in them, determine tweet sentiment, buy appropriate shorts, take profits. The final step, which makes it all a perfect publicity stunt, is donating whatever winnings the bot scrapes up to doggies and kitties through the ASPCA.

Here's T3's cute little animated video.

T3's president Ben Gaddis wouldn't tell Bloomberg how much, exactly, its bot has managed to pocket from the strategy. Given the certainty that there are plenty of other bots doing exactly the same thing at countless hedge funds and day-trading operations around the world, it'd be no surprise if the takings are relatively modest.

The upshot for all the other quants crowding this trade is the knowledge that any technical improvements you make to your algo come at the direct expense of helpless, innocent animals. You monsters.



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