George Soros’ Cunning Plan To Turn Trump Deregulatory Agenda Against Him

Is Steven Mnuchin a Sorosian false flag?
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(Getty Images)

George Soros may not like President Trump’s plan to remove any and all shackles from the international financiers he assailed during the presidential campaign, but that doesn’t mean he’s above profiting from it. And presumably taking those profits and using them to cut invisible checks to all of the protestors and agitators making the lives of Jason Chaffetz and his fellow Congressional Republicans miserable.

The New York-based firm disclosed a $14.9 million position in Goldman Sachs and made a new bet on Bank of America worth $3.9 million. One of its biggest buys during the last three months of 2016 was a call option on the S&P Select Sector SPDR Fund - Financial Sector worth $72.6 million.

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