Goldman Sachs Stock Milestone Is The Only Thing Left Worth Living For

Pray for Goldman.
(Washington Post hat generator)

(Washington Post hat generator)

Forget Dow 20,000. Forget S&P $20,000,000,000,000. There's only one arbitrary market milestone that ought to consume your days and haunt your nights: GS 250.7.

That's the high-water market Goldman Sachs shares hit on October 31, 2007, shortly before the onset of the financial crisis and nearly ten years of slow, painful recovery. On Tuesday, the stock looked set to break the 250-mark several times, coming within a hundredth of a point before coyly retreating. Oh Goldman, you tease.

(2007 high not visible at this zoom but you get the idea)

(2007 high not visible at this zoom but you get the idea)

Goldman has of course enjoyed the biggest bounce of any major stock from the Trump rally, lifting nearly 38 percent since November's election and saving the asses of numerous Goldman executives whose ten-year stock options were set to expire below their strike price.

Given Goldman's political renaissance of late, thanks to Trump's taste for Goldman alums, it's only appropriate that the bank's shares would recover their former glory now. Godspeed, GS. We will provide updates on this momentous occasion.

UPDATE: Looks like we got another Dow 20k on our hands. Tune back in tomorrow to see if Goldman breaks its intraday.