All The Money In The World Couldn't Endear John Paulson To NYU Students

John Paulson's support for Trump incites biggest blowback yet: some angry undergrads.
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When a group of New York University students gather Wednesday to protest John Paulson's position on the school's board of trustees, they'll be gathering at one of the few buildings on campus – Bobst Library – that doesn't bear the hedge funder's name or beneficence. Whether the demonstration accomplishes anything in the end, that's a feat in itself.

But why are students suddenly protesting Paulson's presence on NYU's enormous board – and not when he, like, made $4 billion shorting the housing market? DNAInfo has the story:

The protest against billionaire hedge fund manager is being organized by the Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM), whose leadership asserted in a statement that "as a close confidant of President Trump, Paulson's interests are inherently not in line with that of students."

[...]Students have pushed for NYU President Andrew Hamilton to declare the school a "sanctuary campus," but Hamilton has refused, despite issuing statements in support of the school's immigrant community. Advocates of making NYU a sanctuary campus told school news outlet Washington Square News that they believe Hamilton is refusing to do so in an effort to not upset Paulson.

Does Paulson actually care about refugees and immigration? Probably not. Unlike, say, Robert Mercer, who in addition to supporting Trump has bankrolled the rabidly anti-immigrant Breitbart News, Paulson's ideological commitments seem limited to the economic sphere. And, of course, Fannie and Freddie.

Of course there's no way of saying whether Paulson's presence on the 70-member NYU board has influenced Hamilton's thinking on the sanctuary campus issue. Regardless, the fact that Paulson's donations to the university have touched basically every inch of NYU's Stern School of Business shows how unlikely the administration is to listen to the students assembled at Bobst.

Go get em, bobcats.