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Sociopathy The One Trait All Hedge Fund Managers Share Says Actor Playing Hedge Fund Manager

Psychology is fun and easy.

As many of you may (and Charlie Gasparino definitely does) know, Damian Lewis is the ginger Brit actor currently playing hedge fund manager extraordinaire Bobby Axelrod on the Showtime series "Billions."


"Ax" is a morally ambiguous guy who is totally not Steve Cohen and does some pretty reprehensible shit in order to keep his fund going. That said, Lewis (despite earlier protestations to the contrary) thinks his character is pretty close to real-life even if he has learned that asset managers come in all shapes and sizes:

“I met billionaires who were overweight, and didn’t really take care of themselves, and were happy to go to work in sweatpants and sneakers,” he said. “And I met other guys in $4000 Tom Ford suits with $500 haircuts, so they run the spectrum. But my character, Bobby, is a far more swaggering, athletic, prowling alley cat than any of the people that I met.”

But even though billionaires range from Asness to Loeb, Lewis has come to believe that there is one tie that binds them all together...

“Many of the people who have made a lot of money are sociopaths to some degree. It’s a Machiavellian world. Every hedge fund billionaire I meet thinks that Bobby Axelrod is just like him, which surprises me. I don’t think anybody would want to own up to some of the things that Bobby does.”

Well, in fairness, we hear Leon Cooperman just watches "Billions" for all the kinky Giamatti sex scenes.

Billions star Damian Lewis: Most hedge fund fat cats are sociopaths [WhatsOnTV]


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