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Is A Spanish Ambassadorship Too Much To Ask For Trump's Biggest Hedge Fund Fanboy

From down-and-out manufacturing workers to down-and-out hedge funders, Trump fans have high expectations.
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The voters who shocked the political establishment by delivering Donald Trump the presidency, wearetold, were economically precarious working-class whites from forgotten communities. But that narrative leaves out a crucial population: economically precarious financiers from forgotten hedge funds.


Thankfully, the media is just beginning to rectify that problem. Meet Duke Buchan III, a North Carolina native and founder of Hunter Global Investors, a MAGA devotee who donated the maximum amount possible to Trump during the campaign. The New York Times has the story:

He was financially successful and played polo, but unlike many of the large donors that flock toward presidential candidates in an election year, he was not a billionaire or a big-name financier.

Poor investment returns forced him to shutter his hedge fund in 2011, although he did sock away enough to maintain three residences — a sprawling horse farm in upstate New York, a home in Palm Beach and an apartment on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Trump's victory reportedly thrilled Buchan, who brought his wife to pray alongside the Donald at the inaugural church service attended by the first family. It wasn't the first time Buchan came face to face with Trump; Buchan held close to 20 fundraisers for the campaign and attended early Trump events.

But the investor, who now manages only his own money, isn't content to simply sit back and watch Trump make American great from the sidelines. Like the millions of unemployed factory workers who earnestly believe Trump will return America to its midcentury manufacturing heyday, Buchan reportedly has an expectation of his own: an ambassadorship.

Now, Mr. Buchan is looking to reap a juicy dividend on his winning trade: an ambassadorship to Spain, Argentina or Uruguay.[...]His hunger for a top diplomatic job in Madrid dates back to his junior year in Chapel Hill, when, he has said, a year abroad in Seville in southern Spain transformed his life.

Mr. Buchan, who speaks fluent Spanish, has since described himself as a champion of Spanish culture in all its forms and, as he lays out in detail on the website of his investment firm, he has established a fund in his name to spur the study of Spanish culture and language at his alma mater.

It's not clear how, if at all, Buchan has communicated his ambitions to Trump. But at least there's a potential precedent for former hedge funders entering Trump's diplomatic corps: Anthony Scaramucci.


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