Verizon Finally Gets Around To Telling Yahoo That It Ain't All That

If this relationship is gonna work out, there are going to be a quarter of a billion fewer dollars at stake.

The merger that definitely should but apparently never will die is somehow still alive.


After having looked through the garbage pile of assets that constitute Yahoo at this point and then discovering about a billion more problems with it, and then more problems, and then more, Verizon has stroked its chin, re-appraised and said "I like this about a quarter billion dollars less than I originally thought."

Verizon is getting close to a renegotiated deal for Yahoo’s internet properties that would reduce the price of the original $4.8 billion deal by about $250 million, according to people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg News reports. 

To which Marissa Mayer is obviously responding "That's all?!?!...I mean, umm, we can live with that."

And well should she sign anywhere to keep this going. While $250 million would be a real death knell for almost any other deal, Yahoo is beyond lucky to see only that much being shaved off at this point. If Evita Breadsticks can sell her flaming pile for more than $4 billion, we will have to take back almost everything we've ever said about her* before she takes a deserved senior role in the Mnuchin Treasury Department.

* [We're not taking back a word.]

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