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Wall Street Still Surprised That Twitter Is Still Not Making Money

What are we even doing here?

There's a word for doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result...


Thursday, [Twitter] reported its 10th straight quarter of slowing revenue growth, up just 0.9% year over year. Its average monthly active users totaled 319 million for the quarter, up 2 million from the previous quarter.
Shares of Twitter dropped 10% to $16.81 in morning trading in New York.

Apparently, analysts felt that Twitter was perhaps the one entity in America that would benefit most from maybe the most toxic political season in the nation's history. They were wrong...

Revenue in the fourth quarter, when political conversation and debate gave it new relevance, was $717.2 million, below analysts’ expectations of $740.1 million, according to Thomson Reuters.
For the quarter, Twitter recorded a net loss of $167.1 million, or 23 cents a share, compared with a loss of $90.2 million, or 13 cents, a year earlier.

But is this Twitter's fault? Is it really?

When is the last time that the company did anything that pleased The Street? And what was the last piece of good news to come out of The House That @Jack Built? We've had some bad and dumb news galore.

Twitter has been essentially incapable of creating a sustainable revenue model and has all but admitted it at certain points. The fact that we have to go through this Donkey rodeo every three months looking for a possible silver value lining in the thick clouds of trouble raining down dead blue birds from the sky, well, it's getting embarrassing.

The notion that Trump's chosen medium for communicating his thoughts on how he wants to bring about the end times a stronger country would somehow prompt a change in how Jack Dorsey monetizes Twitter - or that they would even prompt him to focus on the company full-time - is not realistic. In fact, the only piece of news that would make us wrinkle an eyebrow at Twitter these days is if Jack handed over the reins to Anthony Noto for good. Because if a former Goldman MD can't squeeze a buck out of all those users, nobody can.

Now go grab up those IPO shares of Snapchat.

Anyway, #SeeYouNextQuarterJabronis

Twitter Posts Anemic Revenue Growth Despite Political Stir [WSJ]



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