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Warren Buffett's Stake In Apple Is Bananas

Meet iWarren.

The Oracle of Omaha is now iWarren.


Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. was an aggressive buyer of stocks in last year's fourth quarter, nearly quadrupling its stake in Apple Inc. and increasing its stake sevenfold in the four biggest U.S. airlines.
In a regulatory filing, Berkshire reported owning 57.4 million shares of Apple as of Dec. 31, which would now be worth $7.74 billion, up from just from 15.2 million shares in the iPhone maker three months earlier.

In Nebraska, that volume is referred to as "A real shit-ton."

That kind of weight provides Warren with AppleCare for life. A large closet in Omaha is filling up with boxes of disposable AirPods and DairyQueen counter workers are suddenly wearing AppleWatches on both wrists. In this moment, Warren Buffett might own enough Apple stock to give Jony Ive design advice...and Jony has to listen.

And this being a Warren Buffett deal, things are working out rather nicely...

Shares of Apple closed on Tuesday up $1.73 at $135.02, also a record closing high.
Assuming Berkshire has not sold its stake, Apple's 16.6 percent gain this year would leave it with a $1.1 billion paper profit in 2017 alone.

Somewhere, iWarren is watching everyone ponder how deep he's rolling in AAPL stock at this very moment and looking at its performance since he started his buying spree...

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.25.29 AM

"I'm rolling pretty deep, y'all," he giggles to himself as his trademark grin crinkles his face before taking a hearty slurp from an Oreo Blizzard.

Berkshire takes huge bite of Apple, boosts airline stakes [Reuters]



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Source: AP

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