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Airbnb And China Decide To Troll President Trump And Do A Little Business While They're At It

It's a Trump trigger warning bonanza in today's VC headlines.

The Leader of the Free World/Hotelier-in-Chief is known to be something of a snowflake when it comes to things like business rivals, Silicon Valley, China, and other people's non-inflated wealth.


So imagine what he's thinking right now if some poor White House aide was stupid enough to show him Sky News:

China’s sovereign wealth fund has snapped up a stake in Airbnb, the room-sharing service which this week cemented its status as one of the world’s most valuable technology companies.
Sky News has learnt that China Investment Corporation (CIC) subscribed to roughly 10% of a $1bn (£822m) funding round disclosed by Airbnb in a filing with US securities regulators.

It's Trigger Warning Friday in the Oval, y'all.

Chinese fund finds room for $100m stake in tech darling Airbnb [SkyNews]



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