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Did Brevan Howard Engage In An Olive-Oil-Drenched Threesome With A British Celebrity?

We're just asking questions here.
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That's the question we are reluctantly forced to ask after Reuters reported that the hard-up U.K. hedge fund giant has petitioned the British government to prevent the newswire from publishing apparently sensitive material:


Brevan Howard Asset Management, a British hedge fund, has sought an injunction to prevent Reuters publishing a story that the firm says is based on confidential information.

The tactic arises from a quirk of British law typically exploited only by big celebrities hoping to forestall the publication of lurid gossip, the most famous example being the injunction filed by one “PJS” to squash a story reporting on his and his husband's sexy romps with a businessman, which apparently included olive oil wrestling. (The whole affair turned farcical when American, Canadian and even Scottish outlets revealed that PJS was Elton John.)

Has Brevan Howard engaged in an oily tryst of its own? Did Alan Howard finally kill off the Brevan that's been holding him back for so long? Has the hedge fund gone beyond giving away its services gratis and actually begun paying investors to keep their cash in? Did Howard fall to the ignominious rank of fifth-richest hedge fund manager in Britain?

Given the injunction, we can only speculate.

Hedge fund Brevan Howard seeks injunction to block Reuters story [Reuters]



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