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Retired Hedge Fund Billionaire Doesn’t Need Two Beach Houses

Bruce Kovner is done with St. Barth's.
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SV Zanshin [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

SV Zanshin [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Caxton Associates founder Bruce Kovner was a cab driver before he made 10 figures in the hedge-fund game. That has given him something of a practical side (to go along with his less-practical pre-finance activities, including studying political economy, learning the harpsichord and writing). And that practical side is telling Bruce, who, as you’d expect, moved to Florida after he retired six years ago, that he doesn’t need a New York apartment, a new Sunshine State house and a seven-and-a-half acre estate on St. Barth’s. Especially when that seven-and-a-half acre estate on St. Barth’s can net him a cool $67 million—even if it lacks the “military-grade” speakers favored by other hedge fund snowbirds—which buys a lot of early-bird specials in the greater Hobe Sound metropolitan area, he’ll tell you.

The main house has three bedrooms, each with its own covered deck, plus an office that could also be used as a bedroom, Mr. Wattiau said. A footbridge over the swimming pool leads to the main house. A three-bedroom guest villa has its own swimming pool, and there is also a caretaker’s house with two bedrooms. The grounds also include several gazebos with sitting areas and a sun deck by the beach with a full kitchen….

He’s selling because he recently completed a home in Florida, according to people with knowledge of the listing.

Former Hedge Fund Exec Bruce Kovner Seeks $67 Million for Caribbean Estate [WSJ]


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