California Hedge Funds No Longer Self-Identifying As Such

Hedgies in the Golden State don't subscribe to your bougie binary comprehension of asset management.

There may be something of a hedge-fund renaissance going on in these wild early days of Donald Trump’s America, but California’s hedge fund managers aren’t so sure. After all, they are from California. And they’re just not sure that some Trump-flated returns are going to do all that much to improve the industry’s standing with the general public, or that they’ll stave off the long-term decline that looked terminal prior to Nov.8, or that Californians won’t inflict some frontier justice on them after reading things like this. So they’re broadening the base and taking shelter in the second-to-last refuge of scoundrels: Rebranding. The California Hedge Fund Association is dead. Long live the California Alternative Investments Association! (CalALTS to friends.)


“As California continues its exponential growth as an alternative investing hub, we have expanded our mandate to represent the interests of, and foster growth and collaboration among, the alternative investment community in the state,” CalALTs President Jason Gerlach said. “The lines between hedge funds and other alternative asset classes like private equity are no longer clear, and we have found that managers across the investment spectrum are facing similar challenges, and that it is critical for them to foster meaningful relationships with their peers.”

California Hedge Fund Association (CHFA) Announces Rebrand to California Alternative Investments Association [press release]