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A Complete List Of ‘Challenges’ Faced By Deutsche Bank In 2016 And Beyond

Challenger 2016: The Deutsche Bank Experience.
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John Cryan isn’t going to beat around the bush: The past year was a challenge. Indeed, the word “challenge” or some variation of it appears 64 times in Deutsche Bank’s most recent annual report, published Monday. Though it’s commonplace for annual reports to note a litany of challenges faced, the absolute number of them brought up here is a rare feat, for which Deutsche Bank deserves accolades. No one had an easy 2016, but few banks had it worse than DB.


So as a favor to shareholders, schadenfreude enthusiasts and current DB employees, we’re presenting the full list of things deemed “challenging” by Cryan et al in their yearly self-assessment. Suffice to say, Deutsche Bank has plenty to keep its hands full. (Interestingly, however, “paying employees enough” did not come up.)

  • Leakage of discussions with U.S. Justice Department over mortgage settlement
  • “Conditions”
  • Regulation and technology
  • Implementation of Strategy 2020
  • Implementation of the bank’s corporate culture within its organizational structures
  • Topics that will shape the future and “prompt handling of numerous, critical special issues from the past”
  • The market environment in 2016
  • The macroeconomic environment in the eurozone
  • Low interest rates
  • A volatile geopolitical backdrop and its implications for global trade
  • “Adverse speculation” about Deutsche Bank’s health
  • Equities
  • The risk management environment in equity derivatives
  • Persistent structural factors such as oversupply and “redundancy of certain types of ships”
  • Private Wealth and Commercial Clients Corporate Division’s business environment
  • Generating sustainable returns
  • The economic outlook in the eurozone
  • Regional independence efforts in the European Union
  • Reduction in global trade volumes
  • Strategic rationalization of our client and country perimeter
  • A slow-down in client activity
  • Fee compression
  • Competition
  • 2016


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