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Jack Dorsey Is Just Choosing Not To Be Profitable, You Guys, So Calm The F@ck Down

Maybe just don't say this from the comfort of your Irish tax haven Global HQ.

So, you're a long-beleaguered Twitter shareholder forced to listen to your smarter friends brag about their Facebook stock and your dumber friends do the same about their shares in SNAP, and you think now would be a great time to hear good news from your part-time CEO Jack Dorsey?


Well you're in luck! Jack was just with some reporters at Twitter's Global HQ in Dublin (wink wink) and he had some out-loud thoughts to share. Let's see what you think...

"I think Twitter is a company that will endure forever. It will last because it is fundamental. We make the time and take the time necessary for the people using the product and also our advertisers, and the revenue follows."

You like that "Existing forever" shit huh? That is COOL! Oh, you want to hear about, like, that "revenue" stuff...?

"Profitability is a choice, right? It is a choice between investment and driving profit. We believe there is a massive opportunity to grow and invest in the business. In terms of running the two companies, for me it is not a matter of time, it is a matter of focus, and making sure we have a good understanding of what matters most and how you prioritise it."

Umm, you look a little confused, Twitter shareholder. Why are you yelling "CHOOSE PROFIT!" so loudly? And what is happening to your face?

Chill, dude, let him explain...

“You only have so many hours in the day and you could try and extend the number of hours you spend on various things, or you could just make sure that you spend an hour on the most meaningful thing, and every hour matters.
If you are holding a really high bar to what you work on, that is a huge constraint on what you do and what you focus on, and it just naturally removes all of the distractions and all the things that aren’t meaningful towards the goal."

Okay, now we see why you're pissed.

But you believed in Jack once, so maybe let him vomit word sauce over you again and see if the magic is still there...

"There’s a balance. I always look for the upside and find optimism in critique. A lot of the critique of what’s wrong with Twitter actually comes through the Twitter community. People want us to do the right thing and actually fix it.
What is underlying all of it is that people want to see us stay around and not disappear.
There is always a lot of passion."

What's that? "Fuck passion, choose profits!"? Okay, fair critique.

Please stop throwing things.

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