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Jim Cramer Is Long Humanity

Terminator 6: Mad Money

Quants and robots are so hot right now. All the cool financial firms are pink slipping their flawed humans and replacing them with artificial intelligence that doesn't require healthcare, won't bitch or moan come bonus season and can admit that it doesn't know why anyone would buy SNAP.


With the singularity looming ever closer, Wall Street seems to be taking pilate classes in order to bend fully over backwards for our future robot overlords. But one man is not ready to surrender. One man will fight for mankind. One man (one cartoon of a man) will resist the cold brutality of robo-traders and die alongside his fellow, failing man.

The process of an investor deciding whether a particular stock will make a good investment is not a thing of the past, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Wednesday.
"People have more horse sense than we think," Cramer said on "Squawk on the Street."

Horse sense being the key skill for active management of course.

And financial television's most popular carnival barker/pea activist is even prepared to offer advice to the resistance:

"I say, 'Look around, do a little homework,'" he said. "If you like it, if you have the temperament, then you should own some individual stocks."

So, yeah, we're doomed.

Jim Cramer on why human stock picking is not dead [CNBC]



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