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Have None Of You Seen Ken Griffin’s Mug?

Citadel is not living up to its name as of late.
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(source: Rikki Knight LLC)

(source: Rikki Knight LLC)

Ken Griffin doesn’t have any trouble attracting top talent to Citadel Investment Group, as he’s not shy about pointing out. Retainingitwell, that’sawholeothermatterentirely. The latest making his exit is Karl Kroeker, a longtime veteran of the firm and a top equities manager.

Karl Kroeker, who specialized in tech, worked nearly 14 years at Citadel and left earlier in February, according to one of the people. He was a portfolio manager in Citadel's Global Equities unit in San Francisco and has not yet been replaced, the person said.

The question is, why? He seems like such a charming guy, as long as you’re not married to him or stealing his proprietary code: Generous to friends and neighbors. Pillar of the hedge-fund community. Devoted fan of Cher and Sandra Bernhard. Halloween enthusiast. I mean, sure, there’s the unsettling coffee ritual and a bit of a reputation for being intense, exacting, impatient and occasionally mean, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone, y’know? Plus, once you get past the interview, the worst is really over.

One of Ken Griffin’s senior staffers has left hedge fund giant Citadel [BI]
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