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Not Even Elizabeth Warren Can Keep Gary Cohn And Lloyd Blankfein Apart

Goldman bros share an emotional reunion, bar tab.
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Back when it became clear that Goldman Sachs was not keen on sharing its Trump administration appointments with the other boys on Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren saw an opportunity to make a statement. In early February, Warren wrote a sternly worded letter to the bank inquiring whether its former president Gary Cohn had, as a newly appointed Trump adviser, tapped his previous employer for advice in drafting policy – in the process accusing Cohn of having no idea how anything works. As you'll recall, Goldman's terse response was, essentially: Gary who?


But Lloyd Blankfein was just playing coy. Just because Cohn jumped ship for the Trump administration doesn't mean that Blankfein is going to let the greatest bromance in Wall Street history fade away. Earlier this week the two reunited over cocktails at the hotel bar of D.C.'s Four Seasons, the Washington Post's gossip columnist reports. Alongside Cohn's fellow Goldman turncoat Dina Powell – who recently found herself upgraded, somehow, to national security adviser – the old pals chatted about Steve Mnuchin and how much D.C. sucks.

It wasn't till the end of the heartfelt reunion, however, that the pair found that old magic that had made them such an unstoppable duo. WaPo reports:

Another funny moment, per the fellow barfly, came when the check arrived — Cohn and Blankfein pulled out American Express credit cards to split the tab; Cohn’s was the most-prestigious black version, while Blankfein’s was a mere gold-level.

The difference wasn’t lost on Cohn, who ribbed his former boss. “Should I sell my stock, Lloyd?” he asked, appearing mock-concerned about the wall Street titan’s financial straits.

The joke here is either (a) Cohn doesn't have any stock anymore, having divested it amidst a big $300 million welcome-to-Washington windfall, or (b) surprise! He still does have some Goldman stock. We assume it's the former. Anyway.

To which Blankfein protested (and let’s remember for a moment that the guy’s an actual billionaire) that the fees for black-level status were just too steep: “I’m not paying $500 for that,” he said.

Oh, you guys. Stay tuned for Sen. Warren's forthcoming letter to Goldman asking whether the two discussed capital requirements and prop trading amidst their jolly banter.

Goldman-Sachs CEO meets his former No. 2 (now Trump’s top economic adviser) at the Four Seasons bar [WaPo]


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