Neel Kashkari Issues Policy Guidance On Fed Balance Sheet, Chicken Tenders, How He Stays Bald

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

It's no secret that Neel Kashkari has quickly become the Dealbreaker's favorite Fed president. It's not just his comically large dogs or his unusual leisure habits – it's the way he speaks to the people. He's used the twenty-something-creative-professional blog of choice Medium. Actually, he's done so twice. Now, Kashkari has embraced the fact that he's a human meme by offering himself up to the trolls and malcontents of finance Twitter for an #AskNeel q-and-a session.

Whether his motivation was clearer Fed communication, the boredom of life in Minnesota or basic self-promotion the results speak for themselves. Not only did Kashkari provide some actual insight into the potential timeline of the Fed's balance sheet unwinding, he spoke on matters of import ranging from his reading list to the way he keeps his head so shiny and Goldman-like. Here are the highlights. On the pace and method of drawing down the balance sheet:

On the Fed's mandates, dual or otherwise (including a response to his second-biggest fan, the immigration awareness blog ZeroHedge).

On the Fed's food options and his, uh, youthful palatte:

On what it's like to dissent:

Some subtle Jamie Dimon shade tucked in a response about regulatory capital levels?

On keeping his dome do perfectly reflective:

And finally, asked if he'll ever fit in with the other boys and girls – i.e., will other Fed officials be convinced to join him on Twitter – Kashkari had only this to say: