PIMCO Doing Some Painfully Unsubtle Rebranding

Apparently "The Bill Gross Sucks And Is Dead To US Bond ETF" was a little too obvious.

When the former face of your operation is now a face more famous for batshit notes about backseat grapplings, thoughts on his own sperm and telling everyone that you fired him after he quit, you might obviously feel the need to wash that man right out of your hair.


And for PIMCO, there is apparently not enough fucking shampoo in the whole wide world...

Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco) is replacing the full slate of managers on its Total Return Active Exchange-Traded Fund and changing its name, a spokeswoman for the fund management company said on Wednesday, the latest transformation for what was once the largest actively managed ETF.
The fund's new name will be the Pimco Active Bond ETF. Managers Scott Mather, Mark Kiesel and Mihir Worah are being replaced by David Braun, Jerome Schneider and Daniel Hyman.

So, we're just going to assume that "The Bill Gross Sucks And Is Dead To US Bond ETF" didn't look great on a prospectus.

The new managers bring "the right mix of expertise and experience in an evolving ETF investing environment where clients are seeking more income," at a time of low rates and low returns, the spokeswoman said in an emailed statement.

You've got to hand it to her for just letting "And most importantly, they're not Bill Gross" be tacit and not explicit.

Pimco revamps BOND ETF, changing fund's name and managers [Reuters]



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