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Richard Branson Wants All The Dyslexic Semen For Himself

If he can clear the hurdle of men not understanding the use of a "Perms Bank" Sir Richard might be onto something.

When a man has conquered music, retail, travel, healthcare, and even space, it can be hard to get up for the next challenge. But luckily for Richard Branson, his next endeavor is apparently all about getting up...


I'm excited to reveal that on May 2nd I will be launching the world’s first dyslexic sperm bank in London.

Oh, he's already anticipated your immediate response...

Why? Up until very recently some sperm banks have rejected donors that have dyslexia. To me, this is absurd when you think that some of the most successful people in the world are dyslexic. Rather than being seen as a weakness, dyslexia should be seen as a strength.
As I know from first-hand experience, school can be tough if you don’t get the right help. But I think it’s important to not let it hold you back. Dyslexia has been a massive help for me personally; it makes me think creatively and laterally, two major factors that helped me create Virgin and build a global brand.

This is peak Sir Richard Branson, ribald entrepreneurism predicated on a notion of revolutionary fairness that also allows him to make a sly joke about jerking off and brag about his success. But he's not just the president of the world's first dyslexic sperm banks, he's also a member.

I stored my sperm when I was 30 and am one among hundreds of dyslexics taking part in the world’s first dyslexic-only sperm bank.

And hey, he already has a ready-made "aid" for clients; The Virgin Cola Pammy Bottle looks the same backwards and forwards.

The world’s first dyslexic-only sperm bank []