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Sarah Tighe, Wife of Tom Hayes, Has Some Words For All You Amazon Reviewers

"The truth always comes out, and I know which side Tom and I will be on when it does."
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Tom Hayes and his wife Sarah Tighe. (Getty Images)

Tom Hayes and his wife Sarah Tighe. (Getty Images)

If the Libor debacle landed on anyone harder than Tom Hayes, the former Citigroup trader and alleged mastermind of the whole scheme, it was probably his long-suffering wife Sarah Tighe, who has stood resolutely by her husband throughout his grueling legal slog and subsequent imprisonment. Take this scene, from 2011, when Hayes' onetime protege Mirhat Alykulov (who'd been flipped by the FBI) called him up in an attempt to get him to blurt something incriminating. At the time of the call, Hayes happened to be accompanying a pregnant Tighe to the hospital for an important ultrasound.

With Mr. Hayes still on the phone, Ms. Tighe took an elevator downstairs to collect the test results that would show whether the fetus was at risk of Down syndrome. She couldn’t believe that she was going through this alone. The results showed virtually no risk of the syndrome. Angry despite the good news, she rode the elevator back up and found Mr. Hayes still on the phone. He was in the process of telling Mr. Alykulov to just blame his managers.

Take this scene and multiply it by a thousand and you probably have a decent idea of what it was like to live with the Rain Man as the shit hit the fan.

But Tighe isn't going to sit around and let any old Amazon reviewer get away with sullying her good name. In a comment responding to a review of WSJ reporter David Enrich's The Spider Network, which recounts the Libor affair, Tighe wrote herself a defense worthy of quoting in full, presented here without further comment:

Dear Mr Seibert,

Thank you for your review of The Spider Network, a book in part about my husband, Tom Hayes.

Just to be entirely clear, I have remained with my husband because I know him to be innocent of this crime. I have lived with him from the start of the Citibank investigation, through all the investigations and the eventual trial. We remain in a committed relationship despite the devastatingly and absurdly long prison sentence imposed upon him. I have watched his every reaction throughout this process. I have seen his confusion, rising steadily over the years, as people level outrageous accusations against him and blame absolutely everything on him. I have seen how the jury were given a fraction of the truth. I have seen how the actions of senior managers have been attributed to Tom. Please do not think, and certainly please do not say in print, that I have a dark side for standing by an innocent man that has suffered a miscarriage of justice.

I continue to fight for Tom. The truth always comes out, and I know which side Tom and I will be on when it does. The authorities and banks, however, won't be looking so good. Indeed, this LIBOR house of cards that the US and UK authorities have built will eventually come crashing down. I wonder which unsuspecting fool they will blame when that happens.


Sarah Tighe
Wife of Tom Hayes


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