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Scaramucci On Still Maybe Getting A White House Job: [Smiley Emoji]

Knock on wood for the Mooch.
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Someone has been spreading a rumors about Anthony Scaramucci. Specifically, that someone wants it known that the Mooch is (still) in line for a White House gig – not an ambassadorship – and that he has the support of administration allies. We couldn't confirm the speculation, but we did reach out to Scaramucci to get his take. His answer, via Twitter direct message:

“I can't comment but the Wall Street Journal didn't do their homework.”

Last week the Journal published a story with the print title “Financier Loses Bid For White House Job,” calling Scaramucci's chances of working for Donald Trump “unlikely.”

Scaramucci confirmed this was the piece he had in mind, adding: “



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