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Steve Mnuchin Apparently Really Annoyed That Reince Priebus Isn't Grasping His Whole "Full Goldman Treasury Department" Vision

Don't fight fate, Reincey, give in to the Goldman side.

The most economically powerful warlock in America is reportedly dealing with some office politics bullshit lately. Almost buried in a POLITICO story about how everyone hates White House chief of staff Renice Priebus is this little nugget about Steve getting Mnook-blocked by Priebus on a pretty key Treasury hire:

mnuching blingee

There has also been White House conflict with Cabinet members such as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who has vented to friends that Priebus has blocked his choice for deputy secretary, Goldman Sachs managing director Jim Donovan, according to one person familiar with the talks.

What is Priebus - a career political staffer from the rural Midwest who intrinsically understands populist outrage against Wall Street - not getting about Steve Mnuchin - a former Goldman Sachs MD who is also widely considered to be a bank bailout profiteer and Foreclosure King - wanting to staff his Treasury Department entirely from the most publicly reviled finance firm in all the land?

Does Steve need Gary Cohn to stroll down the hall, darken Reince's office doorway with a subtle threat of "explanation" before lumbering over to the chief of staffs desk, hiking up a gabardine-swathed leg and explaining how Lil' Priebus should just sit back and let the guys from 200 West Street handle the money?

Knives are out for Reince [POLITICO]



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