The Pain Of Obsession Is Never Ephemeral: A Play About Wall Street And SNAP

A Play for a New America.

[INT: WALL STREET's BEDROOM. Monday morning. The curtains are drawn but a sliver of late morning light illuminates a glass table and floor strewn with empty champagne bottles and cans of Red Bull. Caviar is mushed into the plush carpet and a fine layer of cocaine dust covers the silver frame and tan leather of a Barcelona Chair. Tangled up in the Egyptian cotton sheets are WALL STREET and SNAP. It is clear they have engaged in a lost weekend. A bacchanal-level carnal romp that has gone on inside a cocoon of drugs, lust and alcohol. An iPhone vibrates, WALL STREET moans and rolls over to see a still-sleeping SNAP]

WALL STREET: [rubs eyes] Holy shit, what happened here? I feel awful...Where are my pants?

SNAP: [sits up in bed] Morning lover.

WALL STREET: [clearly horrified by the look of SNAP in the light of day] Oh... yeah...Hi?

SNAP: Wanna go again?

WALL STREET: Umm...of course I would, it's just that I need to go to work...don't you have anywhere to be? Also, were you missing that many teeth at the club?

SNAP: Somewhere "to be?" On a weekday morning? Ha! Fat chance!

WALL STREET: Haha [doesn 't laugh] Well, I need to get to the office. Can I call you an Uber?

SNAP: [confused] Why? You asked me to move in after I mentioned that I'm between homes at the moment. Plus, I would never take Uber. That's a terrible company.

WALL STREET: "Between homes"?

SNAP: Yeah, I'm real homeless. Don't you remember me telling you that I lost more than half a billion dollars last year? You were snorting that 9th line...

WALL STREET: Half...a....billion? With a "B"?

SNAP: Umm, yeah! I'm TERRIBLE with money. To make it even worse, I have no idea how to make more! And again, thanks for paying off my credit card btw. 300 million is a real help.


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