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Wilbur Ross Would Like Congress To See What A Real Man Wears On His Feet

"Are those velvet slippers, Mr. Secretary?" "You bet your sweet ass they are, Congressman."

How does an almost 80-year-old billionaire bankruptcy financier with almost no government experience serve as Commerce Secretary to a surrealist president seemingly hell-bent on starting trade wars?


By treating his feet like a pair of Romantic Era French princesses, of course...

Newly installed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross wore a pair of $500 custom-made velvet slippers to President Trump’s address to Congress on Tuesday evening.
Ross, a billionaire investor, was sporting a pair of slippers from Stubbs & Wooton with the logo of the Commerce Department, according to reports.
The fancy footwear starts at around $495 and a custom-made pair could easily hit $600.

That's right, Wilbur Ross has had gaudy slippers made up for his new job in the Trump Administration because Wilbur Ross is a pimp.

Look at them shits...

After visiting their website, we can confirm that Stubbs & Wooton make baller slippers for ballers. In fact, if you're a man of taste and privilege (or going to a joint session of Congress thematically structured around a dying America), you should be embarrassed that you don't own a pair of Stubbs & Wooton velvet slippers. If you're an Ivy Leaguer, they even have a page just for you...unless you went to Cornell, because c'mon, Stubbs & Wooton is classy.

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