Banned Financial Adviser Still Waiting For Her "Ignore The SEC And Pretend Nothing Is Wrong" Defense Plan To Pay Off

It didn't go great when Dawn Bennett was forced to appeal her case to the same agency that she claims isn't allowed to judge her.

Remember Dawn J. Bennett?


The radio personality and "investment advisor" accused of wildly inflating her AUM who ended up banned and fined by the SEC after she claimed the SEC had no Constitutional power over her and then ghosted her own SEC hearing in protest?

Well, she's back!

In an effort to make a literal federal case out of her ban, Bennett had to gift us all with a chuckle by going through the motions of appealing her ban to the very agency that she claims has no right to judge her, thus giving the SEC the opportunity to be like "Nah."

Former investment adviser Dawn Bennett lost her appeal of an initial decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission that she must pay nearly $4 million for inflating assets and exaggerating investment returns in radio advertisements for her firm.
The commission's March 30 opinion clears the way for Ms. Bennett to move forward with her federal court claims that the agency's in-house forum is unconstitutional.

So after claiming that administrative law judges cannot judge Dawn Bennett,Dawn Bennett is asking federal judges to judge her. And maybe she'll even show up for it.

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