No One Is Getting Diarrhea From Chipotle Burritos Anymore So Bill Ackman Is BACK BABY!

No one puts Acky in the corner.

Back in his happy place.

Today is a glorious day for people who like justice, burritos and Bill Ackman.

When Ackman bought all those shares in Chipotle late last year, Bill couldn't win and Chipotle couldn't stop giving people diarrhea. Watching the two parties come together was like watching two weepy drunks agree to share a cab home after last call at the world's saddest bar; we were happy they found each other but only cautiously optimistic that they weren't going to end up in the gutter.

But damned if these two crazy kids didn't make it work after all!

Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill jumped more than 6 percent after the company reported earnings that beat analyst expectations Tuesday.
The company posted earnings of $1.60 per share on $1.07 billion in revenue. The burrito chain was expected to earn $1.27 per share on $1.05 billion in revenue, according to Thomson Reuters estimates.

A pair of underdogs making it happen. It brings a smile to the very cockles of one's heart. Unless that someone is Carl Icahn, who we can only assume is screaming "Get me every share of YUM Brands that isn't nailed down! Taco Bell shall be MINE!"

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