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Deutsche Bank Survivors Now Devoting Their Lives To Saving The Next Generation From Deutsche Bank

Even John Cryan would be hard-pressed to disagree that working at Deutsche Bank is bad for you.

It's not hard to fathom that years form now, two strangers will be seated next to each other at a dinner party and the host will turn to them, raise an eyebrow in realization and say "Oh, it just occurred to me, you two both worked at Deutsche Bank." After turning and staring into each other's eyes, the two will silently embrace, tears will flow down their cheeks and they will remain there - locked in a tactile showing of understanding and mutual healing - until the dessert plates are cleared and their fellow guests leave the dining room completely freaked out by what they just saw.


We are inching ever closer to having incontrovertible proof that working at Deutsche Bank is a root cause of souring people on even the notion of financial services. But, for some, there is light percolating in the past-Deutsche darkness.

Somewhere out there, a Deutsche broken prophet trying to warn the next generation of the danger. According to efinancialcareers, DB's former global head of rates sales Chris Yoshida is now devoting what's left of his life to save young people from the grip of Deustsche Bank:

Yoshida is a senior advisor to the Kairos Society, an organization formed eight years ago to help young entrepreneurs tackle big issues like clean water, global warming and rising energy prices. He says today’s brilliant young people are better advised to devote their energies to these kinds of activities than to finance. “Young graduates today should explore broader horizons than banking and finance. There’s so much more you can do than sit at a regulated desk in a regulated entity. You can make a difference!”

"You're a HUMAN BEING," Yoshida screams into the darkness, praying his words are heard by at least one young person, rescuing them from captivity in the House of Cryin Cryan.

Like others who’ve been through banks’ junior ranks, Yoshida says the work in banking is fundamentally tedious: “The learning curve isn’t nearly as steep as you expect it to be. You get taught Excel and you learn how to be a grunt and survive it and you learn how to get yourself noticed by senior management, but you can learn all this and more in other places too.”
After two decades in finance, Yoshida says he’s looked over the parapet and found far more interesting things happening in the real world – and that today’s top students are already a long way ahead of him.

Like a German financial services edition of "Scared Straight," Chris Yoshida doesn't want to see these kids end up like him, all hollow inside after years inside the big bank. It's not a place fit for people, and Yoshida probably has friends that are still inside doing that hard time, trying to keep their heads down until they can get something resembling a bonus and return to the outside. Yoshida looks at these kids and sees that they don't carry his scars. He envies them and he wants to hold them close and safe.

Those two people at that dinner party don't have to find theirs faces soaked by each others tears, reliving the horror of their time inside Deutsche Bank as their gazpachos go warm in a now-empty room. There is another way.

Heroes like Chris Yoshida will save you with their song, children. You only need listen.

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