Raise Your Hand If You Recently Left Your Job At The SEC And DON'T Now Work For Ken Griffin

Hmmm, we're not seeing a ton of hands.

We're not saying that Ken Griffin is preparing Citadel for some kind of regulatory Ragnarok, but...


Stephen Luparello, a former top official at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, will join Citadel Securities as general counsel in May, the firm said on Tuesday.
Luparello, 58, stepped down in January as head of the SEC's Trading and Markets division, which oversees exchanges and brokerages.

And Luparello will feel right at home in Chicago, since it appears that Kenny G is loading up for battle should the great government vs hedge fund war comes to his door...

Luparello will manage all legal matters related to Citadel Securities and will report to Chief Legal Officer Shawn Fagan, a spokesman for the firm said.
Luparello will join several other former regulatory officials hired by Citadel in the past year.
In September the Chicago-based firm hired Gregg Berman, who had been one of the SEC's lead investigators on the causes of the 2010 flash crash.
In June, Citadel hired Glen Nixon, who had headed a platform called Midas that the SEC uses to monitor the markets. The same month, it hired John Malitzis from Wall Street watchdog the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, where he was executive vice president for market regulation. Citadel also hired another former senior FINRA regulator, Nick Maslavets, who had headed a surveillance unit at that agency.

Does Citadel even hire traders anymore?

Ex-SEC official Luparello joining Citadel Securities [Reuters]



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